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Meeting Dates in 2016-2017

  • November 8th
  • December 13th
  • February 14th
  • March 14th
  • April 11th
  • May 9th
  • June – no meeting


Previous Meeting Minutes for the 2016-2017 School Year:




DATE:            September 13, 2016

TIME:              6:30pm

PLACE:          Library


Chair: Ken Jakubowsky                                                      

Vice Chair:                                                     Staff Representative: Jason Thompson

Secretary: Colleen Petryshyn                     Staff Representative: Drama Production

Treasurer: Dawn Jakubowsky                                                        

JR./Sr.  Student Representative: Teacher Heather McCaig/Students - Rachel Walcer, Camryn Riley; Junior Student Council - Teacher Jen Karpiuk

Principal: Pat Grisonich




1.    Call to Order- Introductions: 6:25pm

2.    Approval of the Agenda

3.    Pat Chair’s Meeting for election

    Chair - Ken Jakubowsky will continue for another term

    Vice-chair - vacant

    Treasurer - Dawn Jakubowsky will continue for another term

4.    Student Council Report - Heather McCaig/Jen Karpiuk

Senior Student Council reps spoke to the student council retreat, planning events for the school year.  Planning of Blue Day. participation in We Day

    CSLC & ASLC conferences where students learn more about being a leader

    SADD students go to the fire halls to promote Students Against Drunk Driving

    Blue day is a spirit day for grade 9 ro12

    Battle of the Bands events where students can watch their peers perform

    Anti-Bullying Day/Melodies for Mental Health

    Key Club is a service group for our community.  

    Blue Day involves breakfast, events at the FLC. Lunch back at CHHS and more events.

    School Dances for junior high also.

    Heather McCaig is the leadership teacher.  She has been involved since 2005

    Involved with the community foundation and do charity works for ex spca, etc

    Volunteer at the women’s shelter one day a week help with yard work and letter stuffing

Santa claus fund volunteering (parents can come in and shop for their kids and our students wrap the gifts

    Project eliminate supplies immunization against tetanus *unicef*

    Alberta Student leadership Conference where students learn to be more outgoing , etc

    Annual liquor bag campaign where we receive paper bags decorated by elementary    students.  These are given with the purchase of booze at the store.

    Shaw cable 10 where students make and perform their own commercials

    Out of every 5 people there may 1 person suffering with mental health.  These      commercials are used in the community.

    Prairie Gleaners where the students clean up the vegies, dehydrate and vacuum package

    Food Bank competition\

    Patience challenges and working with special students Mentorship with kids students gr 7-12 participate.

    Also go to senior homes to visit seniors.


5.    Special Guests - Drama productions for the 2016-2017 school year

6.    Teacher Report - Jason Thompson

  • Blue Clue Wellness team is hosting the Color Run Dash Run Run/Walk, September 14th.

  • Event to promote school spirit.

  • New Musical “Lion King” grades 7-9

  • November 28th - December 4th

  • Exchange opportunity to Japan opportunities open for students in grades 10-12 from both CHHS and MHHS, to travel to Japan and then their host partners travel here in April.

  • Volleyball, football, cross country all started this month.

  • CHAT comments from teachers has been quite positive.

  • Teachers look forward to it.

  • Feel they are getting to know their students a lot better.

  • Using the time to ensure their students have the support that is needed.

7.    Introduction of our School Resource Officer - Constable Dwayne Wist

  • Cst. Wist is here Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm.

  • Number 1 passion for Cst. Wist is to make your children feel safe and be safe.

  • Education to the students through classroom lectures, open office door where students are welcome to come and ask questions or just need to talk.

  • Huge resource for CHHS, staff and students.  

  • Top priority is prevention.  The intention is not to put the students in jail, but to lead them down the right path.

  • Pat explained about a video they are making where students are explaining the lockdown procedure.  This will be on the district web site and CHHS web site.

  • 7 years on the tactical team and 7 years firearms instructor.

8.    Principal Report - Pat Grisonich

  • School Council group involvement in our school is key.

  • We need ideas from the parents.

  • Takes a community to have an outstanding school.

  • Pat’s door is always open, and please feel free to give him any feed back.

  • Student enrollment this year is 1240.

  • 4 international students for this first semester.

  • Pat asked 4 student leaders to assist these new students.  They have done a wonderful job.

  • High School Redesign focus.  CHAT is all about building community with our students.

  • Administration has been asked to watch different CHAT classes to see how they are doing.

  • Flex Friday. Teach kids how to boost their vehicle, fix a flat tire.  Teach kids how to cook an omelette.

  • Continuing with renovations.

  • Working on the goals for this year.

  • Working on a program that will send text messages to families instead of the answering machine

  • Survey going out to parents. Ask your child what their option request would be

  • Students will be bused to MHHS for welding.  They will have a beautiful new facility once it is completed.

9.    New Options for the 2017-2018 school year

10.    Other

Adjourned: 8:06pm

Next Meeting October 11th, 2016

                     November 8th

                     December 13th





DATE:            October 11, 2016

TIME:              6:30pm

PLACE:          Library


Chair: Ken Jakubowsky                                                      

Vice Chair:                                                     Staff Representative: Jason Thompson,

Jennifer Davies

Secretary: Colleen Petryshyn                     Staff Representative: Drama Production

Treasurer: Dawn Jakubowsky                                                        

JR./Sr.  Student Representative: Teacher Heather McCaig/Students - Rachel Walcer, Camryn Riley; Junior Student Council - Teacher Jen Karpiuk

Principal: Pat Grisonich

1.    Call to Order- Introductions: 6:30pm

2.    Approval of the Agenda

3.    Chair Report - Ken Jakubowsky

4.    Teacher Report - Jason Thompson -  

  • Outdoor Ed camp in Elkwater.  Due to all of the snow, the students went sledding, snowshoeing and built Quincies    

  • Vikings football is currently 4th in the province in their division.

  • Grade 9 girls volleyball held a “pink” tournament and raised over $1000. For cancer.


5.    School Reports -

  • We Day students will leave the school about 5:00am and head to the Saddledome along with about 20,000 students from across Alberta.  

  • Fundraising - Scare Hunger. Funds help to offset costs for students unable to afford We Day or other functions within our school.

  • First dance of the year was a success.  Mr. Farmer was our DJ, which was a huge cost savings to the school.

  • Senior Council students spoke about their leadership trip to New Brunswick and area.  CSLC. (Canadian Student Leadership Conference).

  • Students visited the Bay of Fundy and King’s Landing, which is an Historical Settlement.  There the students

    were immersed in culture of the 1800’s.  They also toured the legislature building where Bob Warner had set        

               up tours for our students.   

  • The weeklong trip was jam packed and full of learning opportunities.   Long lasting friendships were made. Students also commented about the inspirational speakers.  Alvin Law spoke.

  • The students were able to watch a live play, where it was done in both English and French.

  • Students participated in a scavenger hunt and saw a Cathedral.

  • Leadership students were immersed in the French Culture.

  • The 2017 CSLC  is being held in Waterloo.  

  • Student council has started planning the Halloween schedule.  They will be doing a costume fashion show

              in Chat.  The students are hoping that there will be challenges..  Bring ideas to senior council.  Hoping to get    students more active.

  • A poster will be put in the front foyer:  “CHAT Challenges”

  • Deb Lloyd -

    • FNMI Teacher for the whole district, housed at CHHS.  

    • Walking with Kokum (Grandmother) targets grades 2-5.  Outdoor classrooms at Elkwater.

    • The Legacy Room is where Deb works.. It is the home of our FNMI.  

    • September starts with the Medicine Wheel. (grade 4’s and expanded on in grade 7).

    • Culturally Enhanced Tutoring program.

    • Vantage Vision and Reading Tutoring Program is used to access new FNMI students to test their level of programming

    • Parent Advisory Committee has an administrative representative from every SD#76 school.

    • Christmas Dream Catchers program

    • Grade 1 StoryTelling program

    • Grade 2 Inuit Heart

    • Grade 5,7,9 study of the Metis

    • Seven Sacred Teaching

    • Closing out of the year is History in the Hills.

  • Jennifer Davies-

    • Tickets will be going on sale this week for the Lion King performance.Tickets are $17.00 and can be purchased on-line.  The play runs from Nov. 28-Dec 4.

    • Amazing costumes

  • Anthony Donner -

    • My Blue Print is accessible for students in grade 9-12.  

    • Students area able to see what classes, marks, location, desirability that there is in their desired career.

    • This also follows them onto University.

    • Please see Mr. Donner for more clarification.  It is an amazing program.

6.    Principal’s Report -

  • Pat spoke briefly on High School Redesign and took the parents on a tour of some of the newly renovated areas of the school.                

                    Adjourned:  8:00pm       Next Meeting:  November 8, 2016

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