Humanities 8 FI
Social Studies
Contact between peoples who view the world in different ways has shaped society. By using the historical examples of Japan, Renaissance Europe and Spanish and Aztec civilizations, your teen will examine how societies with differing cultures can affect each other when they come into contact. By exploring how people in different places and times have viewed the world, your teen will think about their own worldview.

For more information on Grade 8 Social Studies click the link to access the Program of Studies

French Language Arts
Your teen will be exposed to more complex text, both oral and written. They’ll distinguish among facts, hypotheses and opinions and support their reasoning with concrete examples. They’ll also appreciate the images created by language in various oral and written communications. Your teen will discuss increasingly abstract ideas, capture an author’s point of view and attitudes, and agree or disagree. They’ll work with classmates to plan projects and develop independent planning skills for their own writing projects. For more about Grade 8 French Language Arts, refer to the program of studies.

Grade 8 FI At-A-Glance 

Grade 8  at a glance