Off-Campus Education

What is Off-Campus Education?

  • Any program at CHHS that involves students attaining High School credits off the actual school site.
  • Work Experience: students working at jobs or volunteer positions part-time during the school year or summer months.
  • RAP: Registered Apprenticeship Program- student beginning accredited apprenticeship positions in the trades while still in high school.
  • Green Certificate: students working towards the Level 1 (Technician) Alberta Green Certificate accreditation which is recognized by agribusiness in Alberta.



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We believe the Off-Campus Education program offers our Students and our School Community tremendous benefits. The reality of our world is that only 25 to 30 percent of High School students in Alberta go directly on to Post Secondary studies. Trades training and work skills are increasingly being recognized as important components of a High school education.

Why Should Students Enroll in Off Campus Education?

Students can earn high school credits when enrolled in Off Campus Education Programs which can help with graduation requirements.

Grades earned in Off campus Education can be used as part of an average for early admission when applying to competitive programs in some colleges and universities.  With proper application and effort, excellent grades are possible which can increase a students's average.

Off Campus Education grades can be used as part of the calculation for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship.

Students receive life-long skills outside of the regular classroom setting.  Any/all jobs come with a skill set that students will benefit from.  Examples of skills include:  communication, team work, punctuality, reliability, etc. 

Students, including those at-risk, are given hope.  Not only will an off-campus program allow our students to more easily graduate and receive their high school diploma but they can enjoy a fulfilling career in an area they are interested in.

Improved portfolio/resume.  A proper off-campus program will result in an improved documentation and evaluation process.  Students can add to their portfolio/resume. Accurate and timely evaluations can provide significant benefits when seeking future employment or entering post-secondary schooling.

Improved safety for students in the workplace.  The proper supervision, site approval process, and evaluations that include safety awareness will result in a safer work experience for our students.  The completion of mandatory in-school safety training before the student enters off campus programs can also have a real effect on student worker safety.  (HCS3000 - Workplace Safety Systems and HCS3010-Workplace Safety Practices, the Alberta construction Safety Training System)

Please see the individual pages for Work Experience, Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP), Green Certificate, and Health Services Summer Internship for more detailed descriptions.

Off Campus Education Coordinator: Mr. Mike Canadine

Contact Information:

Office Phone: (403) 527-6641 ext 8250


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