L'immersion francaise and FSL

French Immersion and French as a Second Language Overview

Crescent Heights High School

Alberta Education recognizes that English and French are the official languages of Canada. Canadian citizens belonging to the Francophone minority in Alberta have the right to have their children educated in Francophone schools according to section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and section 10 of the School Act.

  • As French is one of Canada’s two official languages, learning French is considered important to enhance opportunities for living and working throughout Canada and the world, as well as to foster a greater understanding between French-speaking and English-speaking Canadians. Alberta Education encourages opportunities for all Alberta students to learn French by making available alternative French language programs such as French immersion and French as a second language courses.

Crescent Heights High School provides French Immersion and FSL programming for students Gr. 7-12. 

Middle School (gr. 7-8) F.I

  • All core classes (French Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and CHAT) are taught in French.
  • Students participate in English options courses and English Language Arts.

Gr. 9-12 F.I

  • Gr. 9 students receive French instruction in French Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science.
  • Gr. 10-12 students receive French instruction in French Language Arts and Social Studies.
  • Students are able to complete two DELF exams during their High School career and receive an international accreditation of their French language fluency.

Gr. 7-12 French as a Second Language 

  • French is offered as a semestered option for all students gr. 7-12
  • Students that participate in FSL as an option are eligible for all French activities and trips

What are the benefits for my child?

 After completing the French immersion program, your child will:

  • be fluent in French;
  • be able to live, work and pursue post-secondary studies in French, English, or both languages;
  • be part of and have an understanding and appreciation of Francophone culture;
  • be proficient in English;
  • be able to appreciate other languages, cultures and communities in Canada and around the world.

What is the learning environment like?

  • French is used as the language of instruction for a significant part of each school day; several or all subjects are taught in French except the English Language Arts course.
  • French Immersion programming begins with an intensive period of French language development. Students build a foundation in French so that they can learn to read and begin their studies in other subjects, such as math, science, social studies, the fine arts, etc. School and extra-curricular activities in French may be used to support the development of language skills and cultural appreciation.
  • The language of communication between home and school is English.

Which program is best for my child?

  • French immersion is intended for a child whose first language is not French. These students will become functionally fluent in the French language which will allow them to work and function in a French environment as young adults.
  • French as a second language is offered to students who wish to be exposed to French culture and gain a strong basic understanding of the French language. By taking French as an option course, these students may be eligible for travel and bursary opportunities as high school students and beyond.

What grade can my child start learning French in?

  • Many schools offer early French immersion beginning in Kindergarten or Grade 1.
  • In SD 76 K-6 F.I is offered at Ecole Connaught School.
  • The Crescent Heights F.I program is designed to be a continuation of the elementary F.I program. We currently do not offer a late immersion program.

What about English learning?

  • Students registered in French immersion programs take the same English Language Arts programs as all other Alberta students.
  • The development of reading and writing skills is the same in both languages. Once learned, these skills transfer easily from one language to the other.

What else should I know?

  • All courses taken by French first language, French immersion, and FSL students follow Alberta Education's program of studies.
  • After learning more than one language, your child will have a greater ability to learn additional languages
  • Crescent Heights High School F.I students perform exceptionally well on the French DELF and Alberta diploma exams


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