Quebec Trip

Grade 9 Quebec Trip  

Each year French Immersion parents organize a trip to Quebec for students in their grade 9 year at Crescent Heights High School.  The planning for this trip normally begins during the grade 7 year in order to have enough time to fundraise for this activity.

The trip normally entails a week long (+/- a few days) journey to Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa in which the students have a chance to visit various tourist locations and relish in the French Culture of the Provinces.  In past, the trip costs are approximately $2500 which includes everything from the bus to Calgary, meals, museums and the flight. 

It is imperative that parents get together during the grade 7 year and devise a committee to organize this trip.  The committee usually consists of a large group of parents in order to reduce the workload.   All these positions and there may be more, may be shared by more than one person.  It is asked that every parent be in charge of a minimum of one fundraiser during planning. 

This past year, we have had parents fill the following positions:

  • Chairperson(s)
  • Treasurer(s)
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Communications Officer

There are many parents that have gone through this process in the past and hopefully this process should run smoothly.  Although, it is the responsibility of parents to organize this trip, teachers are around as a liaison with the school.